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Sanitary Tubes - Pipe
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CSE Sanitary Tubes are major for Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical, Food...using, we can offer BPE, 3A, SMS, DIN, IDF, BS standard, and the tube length usually is 6M. We can offer various mechanical polished tubing according to your request: (1) ID/OD Polished to 180 Grits (Ra<= 0.8um), (2) ID/OD Polished to 240 Grits (Ra<= 0.6um), (3) ID/OD Polished to 320 Grits (Ra<= 0.5um) (4) ID/OD Polished to 420 Grits (Ra<= 0.4um)
Electric Polished: (1) SF1 ID EP Ra<= 0.38um/ OD MP Ra <= 0.8um, (2) SF2 ID EP Ra<= 0.5um/ OD MP Ra <= 0.8um



  • Material :
    • ASTM 304, 304L, 316L
    • Low sulphur <=0.005%~0.017%
  • Spec:
    • ASTM A269, A270
  • Roughness :
    • Ra<=0.8 um =POLISHED #180G
    • Ra<=0.6 um =POLISHED #240G
    • Ra<=0.5 um =POLISHED #320G
    • Ra<=0.4 um =POLISHED #400G